A comprehensive image branding strategy needs to focus on the ABC’s of Image: your Appearance, Behavior and Communication. A common misconception is the idea that image is simply externals or how a person looks. Some think that image-building is superficial and simply means working on being physically attractive. This leads to a shallow, one-dimensional approach and does not result in a powerful, sustainable personal brand.

First Impressions Matter

In a face-to-face encounter, it only takes as little as 4 seconds for people to make judgments about you. This may include perceptions on your intelligence level, competence, trustworthiness, authority, leadership, organizational skills and level of success.

It is valuable to note that in business, there are two points to remember. First, we do not get a second chance to create a great first impression. A positive impression right from the start is important. Second is that first impressions are lasting. It is very difficult to change an impression once it is made. Understanding these two points will help people who want to get ahead to be more mindful in building a better image and reputation from the beginning of a business encounter.

Manage your Impression

This concept involves a concerted effort to influence the perception of others.

Impression Management is valuable to anyone interested in creating positive impact. It is important to note that creating a false or completely untrue picture of yourself, a product you are promoting or anything else is unethical.

Impression Management is a valuable concept that optimizes your potential by presenting the best version of yourself, your product or your company to your target audience in pursuit of your business goals.

Image and your Industry

Make sure that your image is appropriate for your industry and congruent with your corporate culture. Some industries require a more traditional and formal dress code while others have more relaxed, creative dressing standards. Take the time to study the image of successful people in your field.

Delby P. Bragais AICI CIM Is an image, branding & business coach, international speaker & inspiring workshop leader. She is the founder of Reinvent U and author of the transformational book – The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick, a business metaphor for the personal branding journey. The book focuses on The 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover for Impact, Influence & Incredible Income.

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