My Double Life...a Confession by Delby Bragais

Written by Delby Bragais AICI CIM

Last Sunday, I received a text message from my brother Rudy that said "Congrats Sis!". It turns out i was on the front page of the Sunday Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is the first time i am seeing a rather unsmiling version of myself stare back at me, wearing a black blazer and deep red high neck top. For me, this is a conservative, traditional business look... so different from my stylish creative outfits that i enjoy wearing to fashion events.

A friend even commented "where's the hat?" as i have been known to love wearing hats and hairpieces!

Yes, i admit it.... i am living a double life... and i am loving every second of it! Moving between the fashion world and the corporate training world can be unsettling to some... but for me, seamlessly moving between the two gives me the best of both worlds... the creativity of fashion and the entrepreneurial smarts of business!

I am sharing with you this article below. May i make a correction please? For the record, I am a Certified Image Professional (CIP) and not a Certified Image Master (CIM). I am not one of the 9 Certified Image Masters as recognized by the AICI (The Association of Image Consultants International)... i should know since i sit as VP for Certification of AICI worldwide!

Now how does a Fashion Designer from the Philippines become VP for Certification of the world's largest Image association? ... that's for another blog post... Enjoy!